An easy to install, plug and play solution with a multi-year battery life and user-friendly interface. Get temperature alarms for your fridge and freezer, and set up automated reports to maintain regulatory compliance.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Real-time alarms


  • No human error or fraud
  • Eliminate paperwork


  • Satisfy all regulatory requirements
  • Store historical data for required periods


Simple to configure and cost-effective, the KONA Micro IoT Gateway is designed for enterprise and lightweight industrial applications that require “always on” connectivity. Specs


NETVOX Wireless Temperature Sensor accurately measures temperature and humidity in low temperature environments. Suitable for use in both domestic and commercial refrigerators and freezers used to store and transport food, medicines, flowers and other perishable goods. Specs

Web/phone app

Send mobile and email notifications, view graphs and historical reports, and receive alerts when the temperature gets above a pre-set level to reduce product spoilage.

Reporting tool

Generate customizable reports for regulatory compliance. Specs